History Broken - Since....forever....finally figured out why

  • Hello,

    I've been using Vivaldi as a secondary browser (I like the look of it) but it has a major issue that's been broken for as long as I can remember.

    The history - and history search are party broken. I can visit a page, days later if I want to go back I use the search function for said page but I can't find it in my history. If I manually scroll through the history there is said page. This failure to find said page occurs when searching using partial page titles but only certain parts.

    Real World Example with screenshots:
    I visited a youtube page in the last few days, music track artist - "neonsol". I wanted to re-listen to this days afterwards so I search "sol" as that part of the name stuck out in my memory:
    Not found. But I already know Vivaldi's history is broken from many past similar experiences, so I scroll through and manually found it on Dec 2nd. I decide to now make an example of this.
    Searching for "neon":

    The problem: the search algorithm is broken! It only works for the START of words in titles. If your search query is in the middle of a word it FAILS to find it.

    Another example:
    Let's find any Vivaldi page. Using the middle of the word "ald":

    Please fix this!

    When will the in house history that was mentioned months ago be seeing its way into any of the public releases? (https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/10639/better-history-extension-doesn-t-work-its-perfect-with-go-chrome/5)
    I hate chrome's history, hence why I still use Firefox as my main browser.


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