Vivaldi 1.6 version do auto update?

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    Does the Latest version 1.6 do auto update?
    If still the latest can't do not automatically update does it mean that the account I've made will be erased?

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    @Mello_Hat - Yes, it auto-updates, and the account you made is totally independent of the browser. You don't even have to have Vivaldi installed to have an account.

    NOW - If you are using the Stable (1.5) version, it will NOT update until 1.6 is released to Stable.

    If you are using the Snapshot (1.6), it will update every time a new snapshot is released, but will NOT update again when the Stable comes out.

    Snapshots always have the latest features, tweaks, engine updates and bug fixes, but they CAN be a little less stable or less predictable than the Stable, and can also contain regressions. That said, I use the Snapshot stream as my default browser daily.

    So, Stable updates when the next Stable is released (usually every 4 to 9 weeks), and Snapshot updates when the next Snapshot is released (usually something like once a week, sometimes more often, sometimes less often.)

    You can have (as I do) both the Stable and the Snapshot installed, in different folders, and each one will update when its stream updates.

  • @Ayespy
    Thanks a lot...!!!I I'll stcik to the stable 1.5 for now. And by the way, my RAM is only 2GB and its kinda eating all my physical memory. What should I do? Should I upgrade my memory? or is there another way to reduce the memory usage of vivaldi

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    @Mello_Hat - I think these days a person wants at least 4GB of RAM. I've got a notebook with 3 GB and after a full day of browsing it tends to max that out. I have a tower with 4GB (only 3.75 usable) and it doesn't have that problem.

    There are various little tweaks in settings to keep background tabs hibernated, or you can hibernate them in the context menu, minimize the number of extensions you run (I don't run any), Only open tabs you are actually using, etc. - but the future of browsers is resource hunger.

    That said, both the Vivaldi developers on their end, and Google on the Chromium engine end, are doing some work to make the browser run leaner, so there is that to look forward to.

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    @Mello_Hat - Oh, yeah - and if you have onboard video, that can be a real RAM eater, too. My tower with the 3.75 GB available has a dedicated video card with its own RAM, so the load on the motherboard RAM is less.

  • So really I have to increase my physical memory. I'm using an older type of laptop. its ASUS with intel Pentium quadcore with only 2GB of RAM...

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    @Mello_Hat said in Vivaldi 1.6 version do auto update?:

    So really I have to increase my physical memory.

    I would. In fact I just ordered a module to boost this tower from 12GB to 16GB.

  • @Ayespy Thank you so much for the info


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