[bug] On sites using window.history.pushState(), repeating previous search (⌘G) scrolls to item, but doesn't always highlight it

  • Some sites (like this forum) use window.history.pushState() to avoid reloading the entire page with a URL change. This seems to cause some problems problem with Find in Page highlighting, if you repeat already entered search on a new or returned-to page.

    1. On this page, ⌘F-search for "blahblah". (Ok, it highlights that, as it should.)
    2. Click on a link, like "Groups" in the black nav bar on the top.
    3. Press ⌘G. (It doesn't find anything on the Groups page; this is necessary to trigger the subsequent problem.)
    4. Press Vivaldi's back button to return to this post.
    5. Press ⌘G. No highlight appears (Although it does scroll the page down to where the term is found, if it's not already in view).
    6. In the Find in Page bar, delete at least the last "h" in "blahblah" and retype it. The highlight now properly appears again. (Vivaldi has been forced to rebuild the list of found instances of the term to highlight.)

    In that example, I mention using ⌘G, but it happens with mouse clicking the ◀/▶ buttons, or even closing the Find in Page bar, bring it up again with ⌘F, and hitting enter (so long as you do a search on another page before returning, and don't re-enter the search text).

    (I tested this on OS X and Linux. Of course, substitute Ctrl for ⌘ in the latter, or Windows.)

    Tested on:
    1.6.689.13 (Official Build) (64-bit) OS X and Linux

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    Please report this with a reproducible testcase to https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

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