Vivaldi fails with entering numbers - Bank Millenium

  • Hi again,

    another issue with Vivaldi. I've been dealing with it for quite some time now, at least 2 months.
    It's an issue with the online banking system of Millenium Bank, at least its Polish franchise. Whenever I try to input wire transfer sum or any other amount of money in boxes that require sums of money, the system reports them as invalid entries. thus making it impossible to use the banking system.

    I'm talking here about the system that can be found here

    I'm using the latest official Vivaldi, however, this issue has been present for at least 2 months. I've been using Chrome to do my banking ever since but I don't really feel comfortable dealing with my money using a Google's spybot.

    The issue occurs on Windows 7x64 (fully updated). Nota bene, the same issue occurs in Opera 12.16, my browser of choice.

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    Without an access to the website where the issue occurs, it would be difficult to determine what's causing the problem. You should probably ask on the Polish forum or on the Polish Facebook group for Vivaldi. Maybe there will be someone else using the same banking service, to confirm whether there is such a problem with Vivaldi on that particular website...


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