Pressing 'Ctrl+Shift' with some text selected brings up a small card with the selected text (problem is extension New Tab & Start Page Pro)

  • Pressing 'Ctrl+Shift' with some text selected brings up a small card with the selected text on it which can only be closed by clicking the red cross in the top-right corner. It's VERY annoying when you reply to a tweet and edit text online ... WHAT is it?

    alt text

  • To me it's some of your extensions, I see even in the blurry pic that you have some. Disable all of them and reenable one at a time to see who's causing it.

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    Sorry, but if you don't tell us which extension you use you will never get a quick help. We cant guess whats wrong.

    If you don't have the problem in a Private Window (open with Ctrl Shift N) , the problem are your extensions.

  • Gwen-Dragon & iAN CooG,

    Both the 'Ctrl+Shift' and the 'Google images search' problems that I have are caused by the New Tab & Start Page Pro extension which I use for Speed dial [FVD] to work.

    I need a good Speed dial because Vivaldi's native doesn't allow 6 columns fixed. Any advice?

    you'll have both free speeddial geometry, use your preferred images instead of autogenerated thumbs, and lot more mods, until they're added to vivaldi itself.

  • How does one install it? I've copied the contents of "vivaldi" folder into "Vivaldi\Application{version}\resources\vivaldi" and ran "installhooks.bat" -the speed dial didn't went to 6 columns ... So could you, please, describe the installation?

  • It's all explained in rather correct english in here
    I'm not going to repeat it here, would be redundant =)

  • Stupid of me, one just needed to run the *.bat file - I'm not accustomed to this kind of "software packages" ...
    Yet, the newly added speed dial options are useless, as do not affect the speed-dial ... How does one get them to work?

  • @Med1aN1ck It may need modifying if you are on snapshot (latest Vivaldi has some speeddial changes). Best to check on the VivaldiHooks thread.

  • @Med1aN1ck check settings/start page

  • @TbGbe
    Now, here I begin to doubt whether it will bring more trouble than it was supposed to save me. If anyone knows how to get the 'speed-dial geometry' script to work, OR a good speed-dial extension with 6 columns for Vivaldi, other than Speed dial [FVD] 3D, please post it here, thank you.

  • Got Speed dial [FVD] to work with this tip:

    @The_Solutor said in How do I set up Speed Dial 2?:


    Tested and it works

    Just replace all the occourrences of




    in bundle.js

    To fully replace the stock SD with FVD speed dial.

  • you don't need an extension for speed dial, set your homepage as vivaldi://startpage

  • To get the Speed-dial extensions to work is easy:

    To get Speed dial [FVD] to work paste


    into Settings/Tabs/New Tab Page/ address

    and for Speed Dial 2:



    Setting vivaldi://startpage as Homepage does not modify the parameters of the built-in Vivaldi speed dial, i.e. make more thank 6 columns ...

  • @Med1aN1ck as already said, check under settings/start page, vivaldihooks add the settings for the speed dial there, other than that, i don't know anymore how to help.

  • @iAN-CooG

    Specifying vivaldi://startpage in Settings/STARTUP does not affect the number of columns of the speed-dial - with or without Vivaldihooks. While changing the parameters on the Start Page tab of the Settings, WITH VivaldiHooks installed also did not increase the # of speed-dials in a row - simply put, Vivaldihooks 'speed-dial geometry' did not work, for me at least .. As TbGbe pointed out:

    It may need modifying if you are on snapshot (latest Vivaldi has some speeddial changes). Best to check on the VivaldiHooks thread.

    Well, I do not want to go to the trouble as to peruse this developers' thread, I am a user and don't intend to go beyond that .. This is why I posted the workarounds for the 2 speed-dial Chrome extensions, which enable them to perform in Vivaldi. I'm convinced Vivaldihooks' speed-dial doesn't work in the instance of Vivaldi which I'm using, however WHEN it works I'll be glad to give it a try.

    To be clear again, I've had this new interface appear in the Settings, but it was totally dysfucntional:

    alt text

    Thanks for your help @iAN-CooG nonetheless, much appreciated.

  • I use always latest snapshots, and den_po adapted as usual vivaldihooks to work on latest snapshots. Infact, the SD geometry requires the 1.6 branch exactly due to the new SD internal modifications. It was a lack of communication, I didn't know you weren't using the newest snapshot.

  • @iAN-CooG

    Yes, noW clear. I WANT to explore and use Vivaldihooks, for its other various features, thanks for suggesting it. BTW what's a Snapshot, and why aren't the newest version packages aren't available for download on the official site?

  • They are, at
    which is the link opened by menu Help/Community
    see on the right:
    Download v.1.6.689.13

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