vivaldi://extensions not showing up

  • Hello,
    after last update (1.5.658.56 (Stable channel) (32-bit)) I'm unable to display vivaldi://extensions/
    It starts loading and them immediately closes this tab.
    Any advice ?

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    Opening extensions page with 1.5.658.56 (32-bit) on Win 10x64 works for me.
    But the URL is vivaldi://extensions without the / at end.

    Does the extensions page open for you with Ctrl Shift E

    Perhaps one installed extension crashes Vivaldi.

    Sorry, i dont know how to disable extensions step by step if the extensions page crashes.

    !!! CAUTION Advice this will result in a loss all your extensions data !!!
    Delete in folder content at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Extensions

  • Ok, I've found solution.
    Gwen-Dragon: thanks for fast answer but killing \User Data\Default\Extensions is rather brutal ;-).

    One of extensions (some video download helper) was blocking config dialog.
    Instead of deleting all User Data\Default\Extensions, simply move away extension subfolders from there, one by one. And try rerunning Viv after each one. They have names like "enmmbcfdecnphnifkdkocjabgkjpcicl".
    Find which one was messing up and delete it.

    PS: Trailing / in URLs does not matter.

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    @Klopot Yes, that can be done like that.
    I offered you the brutal way because over the months/years of testing Vivaldi and extensions i experienced interference between extensions causing crashes or strange behavior. Sometimes only settings were broken.

    OK, next time i will remember telling users to copy back extension subfolder step by step.

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    @Klopot Let me guess, you've installed Video Download Helper from the Chrome Web Store and it turned out to not work as you expected it to work? You're not the first one with such a problem, here's one solution I proposed for somebody else:
    There's even an easier way (that I found later): simply open Tools > Task Manager in Vivaldi (default [SHIFT] + [ESC]), find the extension that's causing the trouble (most likely the last one that you've installed or all of them - one by one - if you're not sure) and kill its process. That should allow you to open the extensions page and remove the problematic extension from there. 😉


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