Opening New Window Delay / Lag

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    @Gestalt - of course the chrome of the window is, itself, basically a web page (which is one reason it can be turned off). For greater speed you may have to avoid processing HTML, nodejs, REACT, etc., out of which the chrome are made.

  • @Ayespy said in Opening New Window Delay / Lag:

    @rei67 - There is such a thing as a Vivaldi window with no UI. You can select it in settings. Perhaps a step could be added to the "New Window" routine to start with such a window and then replace it with the real deal. Don' know if this would actually slow things down.

    That would be nice.

    I think something as simple as a hard-coded loading icon (using the OS's own windowing/graphics API) would help a lot.

    The other thing is that tearing tabs out is really hit-or-miss right now, at least on Windows, due to the weird implementation using Windows's drag & drop. So it would really help to know that it's actually creating a new window, even if that meant adding even an entire second to the overall wait time.

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