User Interface Zoom in Settings No Longer Works

  • I updated to 1.5.658.56 (Stable channel) (64-bit) a couple of days ago. I've noticed in the last two updates of the stable version the screen resolution shifts and needs to be adjusted in the settings. To offset this, in an earlier iteration, I set the resolution zoom to 110 percent. In this last update, I reverted to 100 percent zoom but it has no effect. Every page is still 110 percent. I have manually reset the zoom on every page.

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    You set the zoom level only for the user interface? Because you can also set the zoom level only for websites, irrespective of the zoom setting of the user interface.

    go to: Settings/Webpages/Default Webpage Zoom
    and also Check Use Tab Zoom

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    @ambimom - There are four zoom settings. UI zoom (under Appearance), which does no affect the size of web pages, only the UI, Tab zoom (under Webpages), which enforces zoom per tab (you have to have it turned off to get default zoom respected on every new page) and Default zoom (also under Webpages), which, if you have tab zoom turned off, makes every page the same zoom level throughout the browser. Then of course there's current page zoom, which you set with the slider on the status bar.

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  • @Ayespy said in User Interface Zoom in Settings No Longer Works:

    UI zoom (under Appearance), which does no affect the size of web pages, only the UI

    Is there a reason why this doesn't also affect the size of tooltips & extension popups? I have one 4K and one 1080p monitor, and Vivaldi persists in scaling both of those elements using the 4K monitor's scaling settings, regardless of which monitor it is. I'm unable to use most extension menus this way.

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    @alexdante - Feel free to file a bug report.

  • @Ayespy I have. The absence of feedback makes it hard to know if it's received or being addressed tho.

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    @alexdante - You get an email with the bug number to tell you it's received. I guarantee you it gets looked at and tested. Every bug report does. If it can be replicated, it gets on the list of some thousands of bugs that need fixing.

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