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  • Hi,

    I´m using Vivaldi 1.5.658.56 (Stable channel) (32-bittinen) on windows 10 laptop. I´m connected to internet through 4g lte mobile network. This version of Vivaldi seems to be very slow in opening web pages. Another issue is that I use gmail for my emails and including an attachment to the email is extemely painful. You start to wonder if you have to cancel the whole email. Is there something I should do to improve the situation. I have been using Vivaldi for many months and this situation is new to me.


  • @emaja

    I got the feeling that with every upgrade the browser is generally slowing down a little and the performace becomes worse.
    I remember I switched from opera to chrome and then to vivaldi, because opera was pretty slow, but now I think now it is actually faster than Viv.
    Maybe its because of too much features in browser (lights control like "What?"). I love to set everything perfect to fit my needs, but it must not have higher priority than browser performance.

    To be honest I am considering trying firefox atm. I will wait for like two-three new releases and if it doesn't improve the performance, I will move on. I will be pretty sad tho, because I really liked the browser since 1.1.

  • Moderator

    I don't experience any slowdown at all. Do you use extensions?

  • @Ayespy

    I use two extensions - adguard and translator. But even if I disable it it doesn't feel fast anymore. For example smooth scrolling on 1.1 was REALLY smooth and I loved it but now its more of a line skipping.
    720p 60fps youtube video is lagging (even 60 fps lags) and I remember that when I tested Viv 1.1 on peacekeeper it got like +-2250 and now it went down to +-2000 (firefox 2500, chrome 2200).
    And CPU usage went up like crazy.
    Might also be a bad coincidence or something, or my computer slowing down over time, I really don't know, but atm I believe it's the browser itself. And when I see what's preparing on next releases I think the priorities are turned upside down (lights control) 😃

  • Moderator

    @Pheliox - You must be on Mac? (My Windows scrolling is still smooth. Videos are smooth and proper. My peacekeeper is 3017 - not that peacekeeper is valid any longer.) Mac has real problems with Vivaldi at the moment, and the developers have many kinks to work out.

    Design priorities (lights) are unconnected to development priorities and do not affect development priorities or speed. Different teams.

    I wonder how your Vivaldi would run with a completely clean profile.

  • @Ayespy

    I am on Windows7 64 bit Home Premium - using 32 bit Viv.
    I think the smooth scrolling is due to intel switchable graphic unit, that can't handle Viv's graphic acceleration and makes it laggy - better on radeonGPU. But different browsers somehow manage to keep smooth scrolling and video playback even when on intel GPU with Gr. acc turned on.

    Sadly enough atm my notebook is on the edge between being capable of handling usual stuff and finding alternatives because of increasing resource heaviness, otherwise I would be happily using Viv 😉

  • Moderator

    @Pheliox - graphics could be critical to your issues, as Vivaldi loves my Radeon graphics.

  • I use 4 extensions. OneNote, LastPass, Viewport Resizer and Evernote WebClipper.

  • No sorry, I have 6 extensions in use. Markdown Here and Google Docs offline are the other two.

  • I switched off Markdown Here and Google Docs offline extensions and now the browser seems to be faster.


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