One Note Clipper

  • Has anyone else using the One Note Clipper found it not working in 1.6.687.3?
    Bookmarklets that were working in 1.5 are also not working.
    I've had to uninstall back to 1.5 (Hurry up synchronisation!)
    Merry Christmas to all of us

  • @andyraisbeck said in One Note Clipper:

    I've had to uninstall back to 1.5

    Can I ask why?
    I use two Vivaldis - Snapshot and Stable (both standalone installs) so if I experience a major problem in Snapshots, I still have a usable Vivaldi. Also I have an easy check if it is fixed in later Snapshot update?
    Uninstalling Snapshot when there is a problem seems to defeat the purpose of using Snapshots - doing this you might as well stay on Stable branch.


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