A few bugs that disrupt user experience.

  • I have installed the latest version of Windows under Win 10 and there are a few issues that disrupt the smooth user experience with it.
    When synchronizing the bookmarks via Xmarks everything goes to the dustbin.
    When searching for a bookmark, after clicking on one in the searched list the list gets reverted to all bookmarks.
    I still have not discovered how to organize my bookmarks.

    It is a wonderful browser that although it is based on chromium it feels lighter and more responsive. I love it.

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    @papaki72 said in A few bugs that disrupt user experience.:

    When searching for a bookmark, after clicking on one in the searched list the list gets reverted to all bookmarks.

    That's not my experience. Are you using the latest Final build 1.5 or the latest Snapshot?

    Although the Snapshots have bugs they also have the latest fixes and improvements.

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    @papaki72 - Hm. My Xmarks syncs everything to the proper locations and folders.

    That's partly because when setting up XMarks I had it start by uploading everything from Vivaldi and zeroing out any other content.

    I don't search for bookmarks because I already know where they all are. So I can't comment on that.

    You can organize your bookmarks a couple of ways: Go to the bookmark PANEL and select the sort option you want at the top. When you select, they will sort. If you select "Sort Manually," you can drag them into whatever order you like. ONCE THE PANEL IS SORTED, you can still go to the bookmarks bar and drag the bookmarks there into whatever order you like, and it will not affect the sort order in the panel. So you can have them sorted different ways in different locations. If you (like I do) use the same folder for both the bookmark bar and the speed dial, whatever order you use on the bar will also be reflected in the dial. You have the option to select ANY folder to be shown on the bookmark bar, and ANY folder(s) to be shown in speed dial (you can have multiple speed dials, selectable by links at the top of speed dial, one folder shown at a time).

  • @Ayespy Thank you! I can live with that! The lightness and smoothness of using it makes this a minor that one can get used to it.

    The more I use it the more I love it. Chrome is just on the door on its way out.


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