Black tab bug

  • I am Experiencing a bugs,

    1. While clicking on the link it showing black tab but the tab loading is showing in address bar.
    2. While playing videos in the Facebook it is showing a blank video but sound is playing.

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    URL? Platform? Hardware? Vivaldi version number? Using any extensions?

  • @Ayespy Win10 X64, Intel i5-4200M CPU, 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM,
    Vivaldi1.5.658.56 (Stable channel) (32-bit), using uBlockorigin extension
    i have even tried disabling extensions but the problem remains as it is .

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    @Sraonne - OK. Same platform here, except an AMD processor and Radeon graphics.

    I can't replicate the video problem in 1.5.658.56. Do other videos work other than the ones on Facebook? There are some settings that one can tweak to turn on or off hardware acceleration; to override media blacklist, etc. You have to make sure all of Windows' media codecs are present, etc. But in my case I just install Vivaldi, and it just works.

    As to the "black" tabs, I'm not seeing this either. When I click on a link I may get a BLANK page momentarily while it loads, but I don't see black pages or tabs.

    Perhaps you could explain the "black" tab symptom a bit more in detail.

  • Only Facebook videos don't play and opening links causing blank pages as i said before in all sites.1_1481110474147_2.jpg 0_1481110474147_1.jpg

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    I had the blank page issue a couple of times, but it's so random that I can't reproduce it, even on the same URLs... 😕

  • @Sraonne said in Black tab bug:

    opening links causing blank pages

    I have not experienced this.
    However, from previous discussions I remember that it seemed to be dependant on how the links were being opened:
    Left-Click (i.e. open in foreground)
    Middle-Click (i.e. open in Background)
    Mouse gestures.

    But also, it was only links on webpages - so did not happen when clicking bookmarks.

    @Sraonne - Are you also seeing a difference with method used?


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