A small issue on xps 15

  • I am using Vivaldi as my main browser on all my computers. Only on my xps 15 9550 (windows 10 x64), the animation seems to have glitches -- In the speed dial tab, when I move my mouse around through all the bookmarks, the change of the bookmarks' sizes (the focus effect) is very choppy.

    It doesn't happen on my other computers, and the glitches are gone if I turn off the animation in the settings. It's a small issue, but please take a look into that if possible, as it might lead to the discoveries of other bugs.


  • anyone? lol

  • Hi, it seams nobody else has this problem.
    I cant verify on several systems, Windows and Linux with latest snapshot.
    Regular you get replies in a few hours.

    Cheers, mib

  • I am using the stable version. I have reinstalled windows, replaced the motherboard and heatsink and hard drive during the past month, but the problem still exists. Is it because of the quadcore i5? or 4k screen? or dell?
    1.5.658.56 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    windows x64


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