Speed Dial: Realistic Thumbnails

  • it seems vivaldi inherited the chrome philosophy, which is: all extensions are disabled when retrieving the content of a speed dial web page for thumbnail generation. this means if you use adblock, the speed dial thumbnail will still be generated by bypassing adblock. for many websites this leads to the problem, that the most part of a speed dial thumbnail is covered by ads. they just look nothing like the page you see if you select that speed dial entry.

    it would be great if you could either

    • load the page without circumventing active extensions or

    • allow the user to set an own thumbnail picture, e.g. a screenshot of the page as he sees it when he enters it with extensions activated

  • Moderator

    The latter has been requested already and I think it's a matter of time before we get that. But before then, there is an easy workaround for this (apart from using third-party tools and messing with Vivaldi files). Instead of adding the bookmark directly from the Speed Dial page, add it using the bookmark button in the address field (when visiting the page you want to add as your Speed Dial). This way Vivaldi will take a screenshot of the page in it's current state (after applying all extensions directives) and it should be saved as the thumbnail of your Speed Dial item. 👍


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