[Problem] Qihoo Antivirus flaggs Vivaldi as Trojan

  • Qihoo Antivirus also known as 360 Total Security flags the Vivaldi installer as a trojan and moves it into quarantine. As I'm surely not the only user of that antivirus software, someone should clear with the AV manufacturer.

  • Moderator

    @DatLicht - Yes, you should report the false positive to your AV vendor - or switch to an alert and responsible one. Lazy irresponsible AV vendors fail to keep up on notable web developments that have been receiving international press coverage for two years, and Vivaldi developers are a bit busy to chase them all down. For this reason, all AV vendors provide avenues for their users to notify them when their software is gumming up the works.

    (BTW - 360 Total has been notified of their false positives on Vivaldi numerous times.)


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