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  • To cover my web needs I am using using Vivaldi, Opera 12.18 and Firefox. Unfortunately some sites do not work in Vivaldi, even that they did earlier. Recently Firefox "updated" itself to some useless Chrome-looking browser where all my plugins and user setup was gone and browser now do not work as a "Vivaldi back" for tricky sites anymore. Since Firefox is uninstalled and Opera 12.18 is aging and only alive because of mail client, I will list a few sites I frequently uses that does not work in Vivaldi :

    Smartcard reader and SMS login does not work. Error message "Server fault" instead of final login. This site have worked with Vivaldi until around July 2016.

    This forum only is read as strange text.

    I am sure there is a few more sites, but these are the one I often uses and have had problem with lately. I know that HTML coding strangely enough is text and not binary and there hardly is development tool out there that generates correct HTML but this is what we have to live with... The first site actually has 96 errors and warning, the second the second one 5 error and one critical error, but this is very common and sadly for browser programmers these faults needs to be taken care of or translated. I hope then that Vivaldi team can take a look :) My goal with this is to only use Vivaldi and less of other browsers on faulty sites, some browser that I even do not like at all.

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  • @MortenB said in Web sites not working with Vivaldi:

    This forum only is read as strange text.

    works nicely for me, everything is readable, using latest 1.6 snapshot.

  • works for me

  • Vivaldi Team

    @MortenB If a site works in Chrome, it should work in Vivaldi. It is that simple. Please try a fresh install of Vivaldi in a separate folder. If that works, it may be that something in your settings is buggy. If that does not work, please report a bug.

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    @Jon is on point. In the alternative, one might also try to refresh one's profile.

  • I now have tested on a "New Windows 7" 32 bit in virtualbox, installed latest Vivaldi snapshot, and both pages I have problem with works fine, both visually and on login. So I guess something is wrong in my Vivaldi setup that have been unchanged for at least 1.5 years. So I have a job to do on cleaning up in "AppData" and keep as little as possible, maybe only my links.

    Also I forgot that I have "Privacy Badger" plugin installed that could have updated and become a reason for this...

    Thanks everyone ! I will post details later if I find the exact cause of this.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @MortenB Good to hear. :)

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