Deleting History/"Typed" not possible?

  • Hello everybody,

    first I´m sorry for my bad english skills. My problem is the following:

    If im clearing all my private data wire "Ctrl+Alt+del" for everything, there are still all my typed in data (below "Typed") and history in the adress bar, after I type a letter. Also in the little search box next to the adressbar all my typed in search words keep remaining.

    If i take a look in the actual History though, everything is deleted...

    Am I doing anything wrong or is it a bug? I didnt find anything by the search.

    Thanks for ur help


  • Moderator

  • Ok ty, so its a bug.

    I forgot to activate the "search child categories" when i was searching for that.

  • The problem has not yet been solved even in edition 1.9.818
    I have typed an address (URL), I clear all private data by CTRL+shift+del AND through the settings but when I type the first 2-3 letters of that URL, it is still there... UNCHANGED!

    Is this a serious security/privacy issue? When is it going to be taken care of?

  • @dimbouk
    Still persist till latest snapshot 1.10.862.6.
    Ctrl+Shift+Del and Menu > Tools > Clear Private Data miss clearing random parts.
    Mine sometime password, sometime one of histories (history or typed), sometime local storage, etc. Just random.

    Meanwhile, the usual vivaldi://chrome/settings/clearBrowserData; Chromium original seem working as suppose to be. I bookmarked & nicknamed it.

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