[Feature?] How hard is it to let us have custom thumbnails in speed dial?

  • Honestly, I'm really asking. Is it like you have to rewrite the entire program to add this functionality or similar level of difficulty? Every update I read through the changes, I'm hoping for "[Bookmarks] Ability to change thumbnails" but it's never there and I've been looking since v1.0.

    When one opens Vivaldi for the first time we're greeted with nice looking, custom thumbnails in a preset speed dial, only to find out, you can't add your own thumbnails to bookmarks. Does this drive anyone else crazy? I don't want to have to dig into files to change thumbs. It should be as easy as locating an image on your computer and telling Vivaldi to attach that image to the bookmark.

    Vivaldi is a FANTASTIC browser, but I'd like to make it a BEAUTIFUL, fantastic browser.

  • If you spent some minutes searching you would have noticed that it's already possible with VivaldiHooks.
    The feature will be implemented natively, but I guess there are other priorities. As a programmer myself, there's nothing more annoying to hear people that is not involved in coding "how hard is to" and "it's surely easy to do". When someone says that to me I always reply "Do it yourself and show me how to do it, then"

  • @iAN-CooG said in [Feature?] How hard is it to let us have custom thumbnails in speed dial?:


    when youre right your right. my apologies. my searches only came up with the database editing method.

    however, i never said "it's surely easy to do". i guess i was playing a squeaky wheel trying to get some grease on, perhaps, how long a feature like this would take, other than "it's coming" because i honestly don't know. When someone asks me how long (or how much effort) it would take to design and layout a 24 page document, i can give a rough estimate of two weeks (err on the high side). obviously coding and design are two completely different things, but surely programmers are capable of judging a task as to what kind of time is involved, even if it's on the high side.

    i will try this vivaldihooks mod, but seems a bit out of my technical range, but many thanks for the reply. will give it a go.

  • @shatland you'll see that it's rather easy, read the instructions on the github site and after downloading the zip and unpacking it you have to use the provided bat or copy the files your self under
    C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\<version>\resources\vivaldi
    restart vivaldi, replace vendor-bundle.js in the same directory and restart it again. Then you'll see on the 1st settings page all the mods as "HOOKS", just untick the ones you don't need. You can even check one at a time if you prefer.
    The speeddial settings are under Start page

  • @iAN-CooG well, that wasn't too hard, a little tricky, me being on a mac, however i see the "hooks" now. figuring out most of what they all do (is there a list somehwere?). my speed dial looks fantastic now. thank you very much for dumbing it down for me. now, will this stay after a version update? or do i need to repeat the process every time?

  • Too bad, at least under Windows, you have to move the Hooks dir, the browser.html and jdhooks.js files manually every update because, if i'm not mistaken, they're depended on the existing js especially vendor-bundle.js which has to be repatched everytime by jdhooks.js. Eventually make a backup away from the main vivaldi dir, and often check the github for updates.
    There's no detailed explanation list of all hooks, apart comments inside the scripts themselves. I'm sure you can ask den_po either on his thread or in the github repo.

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