Tab issue/management

  • Hello, this browser rocks but it still has some issues. One big problem happened when you have runing vivaldi(with many tabs) and you want to close it (it disappears from taskbar but processes are still running - ending) and you run vivaldi again - it opens new instance before it close older instance. Now instance2 is running (blank) and instance1 have been shut down (after starting instance2) so now we have only one vivaldi runing which is blank new. Now tabs from instance1 are gone, overwrited by instance2. If i dont want to lose any tabs, i always must check if all vivaldi processes are shut and then reopen vivaldi. When i accidentally close vivaldi and immediately run vivaldi again, its almost sure that it runs another vivaldi before it close earlier vivaldi and our tabs are gone.

    Some tab management would be nice, maybe with some kind of backup or simply asking window that detect runing vivaldi still running - if you want to run another instance

    Sorry for my english and explanation 🙂

  • Moderator

    Disappearing tabs or windows are crashes of parts of Vivaldi leaving zombie processes on the system.
    You can only stop these zombies by terminating them on your OS task/process manager.

    To get away from such zombies this setting may help:
    Open vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#app
    Disable "Continue running background apps"


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