Need help

  • -hello Everyone there is something annoying me when i open a new tab with vivaldi
    for example if i already open and choose a topic and select open in a new tab browser take me to the new tab instead of staying in the same page and i can't find option to stop such a thing .

    • sometimes i feel like browser is slower a little bit than other browser when i it come to load a new page
      I'd like you guys to add syncs with google account like slimjet browser so when i setup a new windows version i can keep my history and bookmark linked to google account hope you add this feature and thanks for make a great browser like Vivaldi (sorry for my English)

  • Moderator

    "Open in New tab in Background" with context menu or Ctrl-Click on a link is your solution.

    Sync with external servers or local will come next year.

  • okay thanks alot 🙂


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