Minor update to Vivaldi 1.5 - delta (small) update for Windows

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    Yesterday we released a minor upgrade to Vivaldi 1.5 to fix a few, small but important issues found in the stable release. It was also the first time we tested our new delta update system on Windows.

    A normal upgrade of Vivaldi for Windows using our default packages would have resulted in a 38.5Mb download, however the delta upgrade is less than 1% of that size (323Kb). So small in fact that it would have fit on a floppy disk!

    Changelog since the first 1.5 release

    • [Windows] Updater window out of focus VB-22431
    • [Windows] Not all translation files get packaged (e.g. Mexican Spanish)
    • [macOS] Disable macOS Sierra tabs feature as it causes problems VB-22113
    • Default zoom is not honored for Websites opens with middle click or mouse gesture VB-23180
    • No referer header with open new tab VB-11034
    • Copying the first character in the URL bar results in the entire contents being copied VB-23246**



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