• While it may not be particularly important compared to matters like program functionality and bugs, something to consider from a branding perspective: IMHO you'd be better off replacing the current generic-looking v blob with a curve-adorned calligraphic V that would bring to mind a musical notation staff. (Perhaps this may go somewhat against the current "Simplify ALL the logos!" trend, but at least it would stand out, and this is the browser that identifies itself with rejection of oversimplification, anyway.) The current v blob doesn't really evoke anything memorable, and while I get why for the app icon version you have stacked translucent squares behind, the stack edges just look like an indistinct blur at icon size. As someone who was frozen on Opera 12.16/12.17, I'm really happy to see this project. I wish you all success.

  • Good input, however I personally think the logo looks fine, Chromes is just a generic flat looking "Simon Says." I think Vivaldi's is chunky and curvy enough to where it's not just a plain straight lined white bolded "V" on a red square background.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi there,

    It is something that was considered, but by then we had already trademarked and started using the current iteration. Atle has done a great job improving what we have, and like you say there is so much else to do!

    Henrik Granaas-Helmers
    Designer, Vivaldi Technologies

  • I'm all but a designer.

    But the V of vivaldi resemble me a slingshot.

    So why not consider to add a stylized arrow (or a marble) ready to be "fired" ?

    It would symbolize the willing to hit a target, and also some velocity/responsiveness.

    A violin bow could be also an alternative, given the classic music relation of both Opera and Vivaldi.

  • Thank you for the link, Helmers. I meant something more classical, in a similar spirit to [http://calligraphyletters.org/letter-downloads/loversquarrel/calligraphy-letter-v.jpg], to evoke classical music (and like I said, by its curves, perhaps remind one of a musical G cleff). Oh well, it's just a potential idea.


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