V Newbie Needs Help, Please. Thanks!

  • Hello, V!
    Thank you for your devotion and hard work in creating Vivaldi! Have used Opera since its earliest version and really loved its speed, simplicity and ease of use. Below are questions on the Vivaldi browser which I've just started to use with Windows7.

    Answers needed for following in Vivaldi:

    1. Turn referrer on as needed and off as usual default (or vice versa, since it might be on by default; Prefer to leave it off as default and only turn on for sites that demand it).
    2. Pref bar! Am used to the preferences bar at top near the address bar, with icons that allow frequent functions such as: cookies toggle, javascript toggle, clear cookies, clear history, clear cache, clear all, images toggle, colors toggle, referrer toggle, etc. Drilling down in all these menus is time-consuming and seems primitive (altho it does cut down on clutter); Prefer clutter to endless menus!
    3. Need to set colors for links, visited links (seems everything is black right now).
    4. Need to be able to change fonts within vivaldi (not just on webpages)! The given fonts are too thin and airy and hard to read. Need to be able to use bold fonts as needed (to accommodate vision problems). Imported bookmarks are using a thin, airy font that's impossible to read.
    5. Page load & download progress bars.
    6. Would like bigger icons (buttons) that are movable up at top menu, and also a stop button.
    7. Skins/themes that offer more color, especially for things like icons & menus. Am used to green back and red stop buttons.
    8. Speed! For some reason it takes a long time to just open a new page and even longer to load content from a website.
    9. The Ctrl-N (new page) feature is not working on our win 7 version of Vivaldi. Is there some way to have only windows and no tabs at all? (Have never liked tabs; They get all mixed up with/behind windows and have never understood their function or appeal.)
    10. Need to be able to switch off pale grey text on pages and use system colors (black or navy blue) when the pale text is too painful. Help!
    11. Need many more add-on options, and hope you can soon open a Vivaldi store so we can be rid of google, the infamous* net snoop*! Miss add-ons like PrefBar and CookieKeeper that you operate with click on a button at top of browser.sounds like asking a lot, it should indicate how befuddled I am, trying to use a browser without most of those features. 🙂

    It's amazing how dependent we become on functions & features we've used for decades, and thus we're LOST without them (most are noted above).

    Thanks for a promising browser that has lots of "fine-tuning" (and happy users) in its future.


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  • As a newbie, I posted a plea for help three days ago, and my post has had over 40 views, but zero replies.
    -- Not very helpful!
    Am very frustrated at not being able to do very simple functions in v, and not being able to add any extensions that would handle some of those functions, and not being able to get any help from forum participants.

    How or where can we get some actual help? This takes a lot of time to log in, post a message, keep checking back for replies, and finding no help at all. Really want vivaldi to succeed, but this is disappointing.


    Sign me,
    Frustrated belabela

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    @BelaBela If you want new features please address such the Feature Wishes to https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/12240/feature-requests-for-1-6/ and https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

    Or address your rant to support@vivaldi.com, may be someone there can calm you down.

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    @BelaBela - Your first comment was apparently a list of feature requests - things you want the developers to do to modify the browser to fit your personal needs. A team of three developers might make all those modifications for you in the space of a month. But developers and staffers do not, on the whole, read and comment here, and developers do not take their marching orders from the Forums. What the forums are mostly for is for users to try to help and advise other users, and to give the staff some general feedback.

    Several of the features and options you want seem to be things that Vivaldi will incorporate one day, but it is too early in the development cycle to provide them now. None of them appear to be anything a user could reply to you with "this is how you do this." So, with a wall of text containing multiple feature requests and no items on which another user could advise, no one answered you. No one had anything to say.

    If a feature is desired, there is a topic on the forum for this specific purpose, where any user can make one feature request at a time and get them voted up or down. In addition, all users are invited to make feature requests on the same page where one can file a bug report. Again, one feature request at a time.

    Please be aware that walls of text with lists of items will frequently get many views and no answers here. Lots of people will look at the comment and their eyes will glaze over, and they will move on.

    If you make a comment with a single request for how to use, find, adjust or activate/deactivate an existing Vivaldi feature, expect one or many users to offer you help with it in a matter of minutes or at most hours. If the option or feature does not yet exist, someone will tell you that as well.

    Thank you for your interest, and for your patience in learning the rules of the road in the forums.


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