Bring smooth scrolling to Vivaldi!

  • One of the most annoying thing about Chromium browses are (imo) terribly chunky scrolling. Even IE is buttery smooth compared to Chrome, New Opera and now Vivaldi. So please make Vivaldi the smoothest scrolling browser there is. 😎

  • It's there now.
    But how to disable it?

  • Vivaldi's smooth scroll implementation is somewhat different compared to old Opera and Microsoft Edge whose scrolling simply better.
    Seems like scrolling chunks are still present and the movement between chunks are smoothed out which is the wrong and annoying solution to the problem, because there's lack of responsiveness.
    I think it needs at least some settings to play with.

    I am very pleased that this feature gets implemented.

  • In Chromium version 49, they've apparently improved the smooth scrolling, but I don't see that it's that much better, as right now I'm trying out Chromium browser 49.

    I like the way Edge scrolls bit by bit, but I don't love how if you try scrolling hard to move up and down really fast, that it doesn't slide enough. I don't want Vivaldi to copy Edge's scrolling, but I want it to beat it in every way.

    I don't have a Mac, so I can't judge too much on Safari's smooth scrolling. I've only played around with Safari and other Mac programs smooth scrolling in the Apple store, and that one probably seems like the best smooth scrolling from what I can tell.

    How's Vivaldi's smooth scrolling like on the Mac? Is it any better than on Windows?

  • Being used to Opera 12 scolling, I don't like the way Vivaldi is scrolling currently either. It's a lot like in (older?) Chrome, and it's not very responsive. For now, I've actually disabled smooth scrolling which is better, but still not good.


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