Unable to use "--disable-setuid-sandbox" on Vivaldi 1.5 ?

  • I've been using Vivaldi 1.3 OK on Puppy Linux 5.6.1 (32-bit, Precise Pangolin-based, 3.2.44 kernel) but because Puppy is a root environment, only by using a startup as follows:

    vivaldi-stable --user-data-dir --disable-setuid-sandbox

    I've just installed/upgraded to 1.5.658.44-1 but find that --disable-setuid-sandbox doesn't seem to be supported any more.

    The only way I can get Vivaldi to run is by using

    If I have to continue running without the sandbox, I will, but I did wonder if there were any other workarounds available?


    (p.s. I don't need any tutorials on how 'bad' or 'dangerous' it is to run as root all the time ;))

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    This seuitd-sandbox-feature was partly removed from newer Chromium code and Vivaldi herited this.


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