Email client for Vivaldi?

  • I've been using Vivaldi exclusively at home for a while and I really like it, especially now that Netflix is working in this latest build. It wasn't working for me in the last one (Win 10). I'm trying to wean myself off of Firefox, which has been acting up for a few builds now. Vivaldi is easy to use, easy to configure, and pretty darned intuitive. I understand Vivaldi may be getting an email client built-in. Is that something that's on the table?

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    @EggnogCharlie - I've been testing the Vivaldi built-in email client for some months now (it's been under development for about two years), and in my personal lay-person judgment it is beginning to approach a point where the public might be allowed to test it.

    So, yeah, I would say it's on the table.

  • Ayespy, as you may remember I've been banging on about waiting for the mail client since about a week after Tech Preview 1 came out.

    Since you've been privileged enough to play with it for a while now... without giving too much away, can you give me a hint about what it's like? E.g. is it similar to Opera M2 in functionality (database-style rather than filesystem-style)? Is it quite user-friendly in terms of searching for mail etc.? Is it good for handling multiple e-mail accounts? Etc. etc.

  • actualy i hope there won't be any mail client. browsers should do what they made for: rendering websites.
    every additional stuff just blows up the code, makes it harder to maintain and let alone the security.

    better a sandboxed plugin to use existing mailclients, there are so damn many out in the wild, no need for another one.

  • @Wolfpack no no no no

    I genuinely don't understand why people have been bringing up this totally false 'argument' since the days of Opera 5 (I think it was). It was wrong in every respect then and it's still wrong now.

  • and what exactly is "wrong" with it?

    better use the manpower to make the browser itself better, faster, more secure then waste it on something that isn't realy needed, because the are dozens of alternatives for every os-platform and cross-platform.

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    @Wolfpack said in Email client for Vivaldi?:

    waste it on something that isn't realy needed

    Lots of things, like a spell-checker in a browser,¹ are not really needed, but an email client is really wanted by many of us just as some users really want developers tools or sync. I never use either them, but that does not mean they are a waste of development time. Email was the reason that I started using Opera 5 well over a decade ago. I wanted an email client that would save logging on to a web site to check my mail. Since I am online all day, every day, browsing while doing other work, I like to know when an email arrives so that I can deal with it at once if the sender is waiting for my reply.

    Email is an essential tool that is part of my online work. Why would I want to launch two applications when one can do the job of both? When I backup my Opera browser, I also backup my email.

    ¹ I want a grammar checker and smart quotes too in my browser.

  • @Pesala

    it's not that i can't see your point of view, it's just that this all-in-one stuff is mostly a half thought pile of bits.
    there are reasons why netscape removed the mailclient from the browser.
    i see this more from an paranoid sys-admins point, not as a user.

  • If you'd used Opera for mail then you should know that not only was it NOT half-baked, it was actually one of the best (and lightest) mail clients around.

    And it's lightness came at least in part BECAUSE it was integrated into Opera... All the UI, networking and rendering libraries were already there.

    And for workflow - that was also much better BECAUSE it was integrated in Opera... no switching between windows, notifications clearly visible while browsing, direct and fast opening of links, downloading and uploading of files, etc. Etc.

    Extensions, third-party stuff and plugins... THAT'S what adds bloat and security risks!

  • And as Pesala says, a very large number of Vivaldi users are waiting for mail to be released. That's probably because all those other clients that are out there are frankly crap in comparison with what we were used to in Opera.

    I still use Opera 12.18 at home just because of the mail client. Outlook at work utterly sucks balls and watching my wife use Thunderbird has also failed to impress me.

  • @Wolfpack said in Email client for Vivaldi?:

    actualy i hope there won't be any mail client. browsers should do what they made for: rendering websites.

    @Wolfpack said in Email client for Vivaldi?:

    better use the manpower to make the browser itself better, faster, more secure


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    @mossman - Sorry - no comments on any of this at the moment. Some of your questions I'm not clear on the answers, and others may change prior to release.

  • @Ayespy no worries.

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    @Wolfpack said in Email client for Vivaldi?:

    better a sandboxed plugin to use existing mailclients, there are so damn many out in the wild, no need for another one.

    Can you give an example of just one, decent e-mail client? I guess it shouldn't be a problem, since there are so "damn many" out there...
    Oh, and Windows platform, please. I think I tried every major one (including, but not limited to Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Opera Mail and Windows 10 "Mail and Calendar" app). So far the Opera Mail - that I use to this day - has had what I needed and what I wanted from a decent e-mail app. Even despite some obvious inconveniences, being integrated into the browser was one of its killer features.

  • I agree that Opera's integrated email was way better than anything else. It is excellent news that Vivaldi will soon also have an M2-like email option: if it's as least as good as M2 it will beat Thunderbird easily. I can't wait to have my email back on view while I'm working on websites, without needing to keep switching windows.

  • @Ayespy
    In my view opera RSS reader 12 is the best available RSS reader along with being best email client.

    Perhaps you can tell us if the mail client will also support RSS feeds as M2 did before.

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    @kemerd said in Email client for Vivaldi?:

    Perhaps you can tell us if the mail client will also support RSS feeds as M2 did before.

    Yes, such useful feed reader is planned and will come. I think mail client M3 will be release and after this in a next version of M3 newsfeeds will come.

  • @Gwen-Dragon - that's the first time we've had positive confirmation that feeds will be included... Good news! Thanks.

  • @Wolfpack Whenever someone asserts that we don't need another e-mail client, it's usually a safe bet that they use some webmail service like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Anyone who regularly uses desktop mail clients knows what a sorry state they're nowadays, at least on the Windows platform.

    Thunderbird is in the process of being abandoned by the Mozilla foundation, and, along with Microsoft's own Outlook, the interface is clunky, unintuitive, and out of step with modern developments. Windows Mail, which is installed by default in Windows 10, is a much sleeker, more modern option, but its comprehensive lack of features means that it is not much better suited to serious work than its webmail counterparts—but at least it's nice and snappy.

    I could also run through the merits and demerits of PostBox, emClient, Nylas, and many other mail clients I have tried in my search for something that both works reliably and is intuitive and easy to use, but I would be covering most of the same ground that I did in the preceding paragraph. It is common knowledge that desktop e-mail clients are a neglected area of software development, thanks to the demographics favoring webmail so heavily, so the notion that we don't need some new blood just isn't true.

    Now obviously I don't know if Vivaldi's mail client will meet my expectations or my needs, as I have yet to test it, but what I'm hoping is that it will evince the same philosophy with regard to e-mail that the browser does for the web. That is, I hope that it combines a sleek, efficient aesthetic with robust customization and plenty of 'power user' features.

    That combination has, in many ways, already begun to establish Vivaldi as a great product for those who need to use a browser professionally rather than merely recreationally (something that I believe Ayespy has also noted in the past), and I think that combining the browser with a similarly powerful and customizable e-mail client will only allow Vivaldi to fill that particular niche even better.

    Just my two cents, of course.

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    Webmail is not a replacement for a mail client.
    I dislike login at many webpages to fetch my mails. And i dislike (because of privacy, don't want that one mail provider collects my other contacts and content) to route other mailboxes from other mail providers over one webmail account (f.ex. GMail, GMX, Outlook etc.)

    You may argue most people have only one mail address, yes, then a webmailer is enough for them. But others need more features, the use a local mail client as a separate program like The Bat! or Thunderbird or Evolution or they have a client in their browser like in old Operas and Vivaldi.


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