Bug (FIXED): On certain page(s?), the find box frequently closes mid-typing or upon clicking ◀/▶

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    [color=#00bb00]Update (2015.05.01): I'm not sure if it was a change in the homepage code that was interacting with Vivaldi or in Vivaldi itself, but this problem no longer appears to occur.[/color] Go to the page https://vivaldi.com/ . Bring up the find box (command-f). Start typing in a word. Unpredictably, the find box may disappear mid-typing. if it doesn't disappear yet, it may still disappear sometimes when clicking the ◀ or ▶ triangle for the previous or next match. On a related note but just as an aside, IMHO command-g should be "next result", in keeping with common shortcut expectation. [i]2015.02.20 Edit: Still unfixed, so submitted to [url=https://www.vivaldi.com/bugreport.html]bug report[/url] on 2015.02.20. (I don't believe the bug report page was available yet when I first encountered this.)[/i]

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