Copy & Paste not working on OSX

  • I'm using:

    Vivaldi 1,5,658
    OSX 10,11,6

    Copy & Paste isn't working at all, either through CMD+C/V or by selecting under the Edit menu.

  • @madra This happened to me too recently. It started working again when I quit and restarted Vivaldi.

  • Having the same issue. The problem is solved by running Vivaldi in private window which makes me think it may be one of the add-ons that I am using. I am attaching a list of the add-ons I am using, it would be useful if other people can do that same so maybe we can identify the culprit.

    I still think the browser architecture should be improved so that add-ons cannot affect browser functionality in such a way.

    1_1500032910650_Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 13.45.31.png 0_1500032910650_Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 13.45.24.png

  • @lucaben If you really think it's one of the add-on, just disable them one by one and find the culprit yourself.

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