Several problems after latest update: browser starting in small window/ + black screen issue

  • So after the latest "update", the browser is always starting in a small window(not fullscreen as it was before) and also ignores the setting to load the last session. Doesn't matter how many tabs I had opened. Its all gone.

    Also, when I open youtube links, very often the screen is simply black. I can hear the audio, but the screen is black. Opening the link in a second tab resolves the issue usually.

    And last but not least, whats up with the unchecked boxes when deleting the history? Before everything necessary was checked, now I have to manually check everything, everytime I want to clear it....

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    @fruitsy - what is your current version number?

  • 1.5.658.44

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    @fruitsy - OK. If you refresh your profile, that should take care of it.

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