Extension keyboard shortcuts not working

  • Keyboard shortcuts for extensions like Google Play Music aren't working at all.
    I've seen about 3 posts like this but none of them got answered which is really sad because it's extremely annoying that they don't work. 😢

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    @teunissenstefan - Don't expect an answer to every/any comment. The bug has been reported formally at https://www.vivaldi.com/bugreport (which you can also do, to add weight) and is receiving attention there. Most replies to comments on the Forums are made by users who think they can help you. No one can help you with a bug that is not fixed yet.

    Specific bugs with extensions are not receiving high priority right now, because too many very basic things are still being built, or are being fixed because the intake of Chromium 55 broke them. One thing that C55 broke was interaction with a number of extensions in general, so some of the fixes underway may address these. Extensions that already didn't work properly in the current Stable 1.5 release are not at the top of the heap at the moment.

  • Sadly, this is a huge deal-breaker for me. I hope Vivaldi solves this problem as soon as possible.

  • I tried to set a keyboard shortcut on the Clear Cache extensions (manually, not in use). Does not work. When developing I send a keyboard shortcut for automatic reload and clear cache. Works in Chrome. This is a show stopper for me to switch to Vivaldi 😞


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