History Won't Clear

  • I'm on Windows 7 and when i go to Tools > History > Clear Browsing Data, nothing happens. I have the most recent version of Vivaldi and have disabled all extensions. Still doesn't work. Thoughts?

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    Running Win8.1 x64, Vivaldi 1.6.682.3 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    Using "Clear private data" from the tools menu does not work.
    As a workaround, the old interface via the history tab > "clear browsing data" works as intended.

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    @oidex said in History Won't Clear:

    Using "Clear private data" from the tools menu does not work.

    It works just fine for me, but the default is only to delete data from the last hour, instead of everything. Ideally, this dialogue should remember it's last used settings to suit different users. I would not bother to delete anything less than everything, but some users who share a PC may want to clear only their very recent browsing history.

  • True, my description was not specific enough:

    Even if you tick everything and select Delete data for: Everything your typing history still persists.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1.) type in any address
    2.) use "clear private data" from tools menu, tick everything, select "Everything"
    3.) page history in history tab gets cleared, typing history persists
    4.) start typing the previous address, autocomplete suggests the full url

    Expected behavior:
    typing history should be cleared as well

  • @oidex
    This has already been reported, including here : forum.vivaldi.net/topic/12421/typed-in-history-not-being-cleared/
    However, feel free to submit an additional bug report : If I remember correctly, it was stated that the number of reports can help increase the priority of a given bug.


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