The "Dead Bird" Black Screen Crash

  • Can anyone explain the "Dead Bird" crash? Sometimes I'll have the browser open with a couple of tabs and suddenly the screen will go black. In the center is a white rectangle inside of which is the silhouette of a bird on its back. Once in a while it only happens to one tab but most of the time, it spreads over all tabs I have open. NOTHING gets rid of it except to close the tabs. Often this means forcing me out of my email account, which is a nuisance. This only happens in Vivaldi, not in IE or Firefox. Usually I have to close Vivaldi and start over. Any ideas?


  • What version of windows and what version of Vivaldi? x32 or x64?
    However it's strange, the dead bird is a rare chromium crash tab (like the OOPS error in FF) which shouldn't happen, expecially if you are on newer (1.5+) Vivaldi builds.
    Do you have any extensions?

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    The dead bird appears if the display engine (=renderer) of the browser crashes at this webpage.
    That may happen because of faulty Javascript libraries on the webpage, bad HTML code or display memory overflow or vide decoder problem or something other.

    Which Vivaldi version on wich OS?
    Which URL has the webpage which crashes the bat?

  • So the infamous dead bird isn't Vivaldi-specific but rather included in Chromium? I vaguely remember seeing it in Chrome before. I got my first ever Vivaldi deadbird today, I'm part of the club now. 🙃

    The error page doesn't explain anything, probably because the user is, by default, considered too dumb to understand anything of it and would just get more confused. Also because it really means "we screwed up". 😉

    It would be nice if they customized the image. The bird is a little off-putting.

    My browser is Vivaldi 1.5.658.56 (Stable, Linux), Flash

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    Yes, the dead bird is from Chromium core code.


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