Faster Vivaldi Page Load Time

  • I have noticed that Vivaldi loads pages much slower than other browsers such as Chrome or even Firefox. I would hope the developers would notice this problem.

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    @BlazeKing252 - I've noticed no such thing. Could you tell us something about your system and your OS?

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    Neither have I. Vivaldi loads webpages much quicker than either Chrome and Firefox.

  • Same here. It is the slowest browser by over 5 seconds when opening and rendering this page.
    I'm also using Opera, Chromium, Google Chrome, Firefox, Pale Moon and Waterfox, on a Win 10 x64, computer with 8 core AMD, 16 GB RAM,

  • Definitely not the normal behavior. Vivaldi is faster than both FF and Chrome for me as well, and it doesn't lock up/freeze all the time like Edge :P

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