The issue of Top Sites and the drive writes

  • Something I have noticed for a while and seen it posted here quite often...
    The Top Sites files (regular and journals) after sometime decides its gonna get corrupted (for lack of a better word/explanation). Vivaldi decides to write to it like usual, but at some point when it writes, it decides its gonna not work. How I've tracked this is that I made sure that my thumbnails is set up on my speed dial, then I carry on. If at any point that they all disappear, I can look over at my system to see the hard drive light is active. I will then check in processes and resource monitor to confirm that this is usually the top sites file that is in full force writing. Closing Vivaldi leaves this running for a while (Read 5+ minutes) and doesn't want to close. Closing the process and then reopening vivaldi just begins anew the long writing that doesn't seem to end.

    Considering that its installed on an SSD, that is practically one of the only ways I begin to notice is the thumbnails suddenly missing in a new tab.

    Supposedly a topic back in January this year says that this issue is fixed. But I have seen this issue since last year and it always seems to return. I don't know if Chrome has this issue fixed or not, but then again, when I first heard about this issue here, someone stated that it sometimes happens in Chrome so I question if its a Vivaldi issue (or if it can be fixed by Vivaldi) or if its a Chromium issue that relies on google to fix.

    Before its asked, yes, I've even tried starting a new profile, uninstalling and reinstalling vivaldi, and more. It just doesn't matter. It happens. I wish there was an easier way for me to see what exactly causes it to report it, but it just seems so darn random. File size is never consistent to warrant the issue (can be anywhere from 5-20 MB I've seen). Can this even be looked into more or added to an existing VB if it is in there to really be looked at? On SSDs it is more concerning for drive life.

  • @zapoqx

    From my experience (running Vivaldi on Windows 7 64-bit), there're two ways to solve it:

    • Regularly delete the "Top Sites" files, maybe once a day, depending on your usage.
    • Set the file permission for the "Top Sites" files to read-only. The drawback of this method is, your browser will crash every time you try to delete an entry from your bookmark.


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