How to open files with standard programs?

  • I am new to VIVALDI and can't figure out how to open linked files with standard programs. E.g. if there is a link to an Excel spread sheet I want it to open with one click in EXCEL. Can anybody tell me if this is posible? Thanks in advance! Michael

  • ... I have to add the following: I like to open documents from my computer that way. The problem is that even if I choose "open" in the dialog VIVALDI makes a download. That means the opened file is saved in the download folder and that file will be opened.

  • Every file you click from a site gets downloaded. If anything it's in the cache. Just remember to clean your default download directory once you're done with it.

  • Already a popular request in the Feature Requests thread. I think we need support for MIME types to do this.

  • @Pesala Thx for the information. This means I have to go back to firefox again.

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