Selecting Tab's Problem . . .

  • Its not actually is a Problem but Harassment me.
    When i want to Select my Tab with Mouse, Move the Pointer to Top of Browser Area! with this Work Sometimes Pointer go Up of the Tab Item and i click but dont open my Tab! because i should move the pointer down and putting up exactly over the Tab Item . . .

    so if its possible, Do a Work which we can select the Tab Even we click on top of Tab item.
    thanks and sorry for my Bad english 😃

  • Moderator

    To have a seeting which removes the top spacing would be nice to have. I think that will come.

    Please have a look at

    You can maximize the window and the spacing on top is gone.

    1. Open vivaldi://settings/tabs/
    2. Tab Display -> Tab-Options -> Select "Remove spacing in maximized windows"
    3. Close Settings
    4. Maximize browser window

  • thanks alot for your help!!!
    its great for me.
    Amazing Browser . . . 🙂


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