Add pictures to theme

  • I really like the themes but would like to add pictures to top of the theme instead of just colors. I would like to have the the top and start page the same picture.

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    What is "top" ? Something similar such as a Mozilla?

  • Yes. Like Firefox.

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    @illinoisgal An interesting idea, I do not know how to continue the development of creating custom themes, but for the future, add your requirements to topics Feature requests for XX (where XX is the current version in development).

    In this moment is an open topic So if there will not find a similar request, then add yours. :wink:

  • @CheVe11e_191 Not a developer or anything close but why not just ad a add photo button in the custom themes like it is in the start. It probably takes a lot more than that. Thanks for whatever you can do.

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