1.6.682.3 64-bit crashes on launch

  • On updating to today's version, Vivaldi crashes immediately after the "reopen windows" popup, which I believe is a system response to a crash, not an app window. I pasted a crash dump at http://pastebin.com/mXRuAscS. I'm running 10.12.1 on a mid-2015 MBP.

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    @fishbiscuit13 - Not familiar with any "reopen windows" popup, never having seen such a thing - and I'm on Windows 10.

  • @Ayespy That's why I posted in the Mac forum.

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    @fishbiscuit13 - Oops.

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    The easiest thing to check first is the integrity of the Vivaldi installation itself. Open a Terminal window and execute the following command:

    spctl -a -vv /Applications/Vivaldi.app

    The -a option performs an assessment; the -vv produces (more) verbose output.
    Run "man spctl" for more info.

    This will run the same checks that are performed when you initially installed the application. (I'm assuming that you installed Vivaldi in /Applications, otherwise change the path accordingly.) The output should look like this:

    /Applications/Vivaldi.app: accepted
    source=Developer ID
    origin=Developer ID Application: Vivaldi Technologies AS (4XF3XNRN6Y)

    If it does not, we can run further commands to see exactly what is wrong and pass that info back to the developers. The fix is to simply delete Vivaldi.app, download a fresh copy and reinstall the application.

    If there are no problems with the Vivaldi installation then it might be a problem with your profile, a problem where Vivaldi crashed trying to restore your previous session, or a problem with your system. Hopefully, it's just something simple.

    Best of luck!

  • That all appears normally, but this issue happens whether installing from FIle>Check for Updates... or directly from the disk image, so it's deeper than just a bad install. Going through Console I see a lot of "UNIX error exception: 17" between launch and crash, along with a a lot of normal system calls and some "a wifi flow named com.vivaldi.Vivaldi is ignored" messages. I'll try to see if it's a system or profile issue, but I'm inclined to think it could be from the new Chromium version.

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    The errors that you're seeing are macOS Sierra-specific; I'm still running El Capitan. (The only Vivaldi messages I have in my log pertain to errors trying to set a colour from the Developer palette.) At least we've ruled out a corrupt Vivaldi application bundle.

    Several Mac users (including myself) have reported issues with this snapshot. One user also reported that Vivaldi would no longer launch after the update; apparently cleaning/rebuilding the profile fixed the problem so that's worth a shot.

    This might also be hardware-related...
    Chrome 55 also just hit the Stable channel. If there's a serious problem in some hardware-specific low-level code (e.g. for the GPU Process) others running Sierra on the same hardware as you are sure to run into it very soon.

    Given that this is also the first public Vivaldi 1.6 snapshot, we're no doubt also running into Chromium integration issues. We'll see a new snapshot very soon with a wave of bug fixes. Hopefully that one will be more Mac-friendly.

    The Vivaldi developers monitor the Forums as well and I'm sure they'll chime with whatever advice they can offer too.

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    On Windows at least, users have had success with backing up the profile, starting clean, and then copying their vital data back.

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    A Vivaldi developer really needs to have a look at your crash dump to figure out what Vivaldi was doing at the time it crashed and how it got into this state.

    Do the backtraces for your other Vivaldi crashes look similar or are they totally different?

  • It looks like it was a profile issue, and it wasn't even that difficult to recreate extension settings this time! I do wish you could just copy the files directly, though I can see why that wouldn't be ideal for security.


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