Difficult to stack tabs when using vertical tab bar

  • I have an extremely hard time stacking tabs when using the vertical tab bar. I don't know if this is restricted to just the mac version of vivaldi, but it's the only one I have used. I shrunk the tab bar down so all I see is the icons, and when I am trying to stack, the two tabs just jump back and forth a ton, it seems the sweet spot for stacking is extremely small when using the vertical layout. Has anybody else experienced this, or know of a solution?

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    @mills - The key is when the tab you are stacking onto turns dark. Then release. You have eliminated this visual cue by hiding everything but the favicon.

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    What version of Vivaldi are you using? With the v1.6 snapshot released today, I'm able to do this (on a Mac) fairly easily. The other trick that you can try is to drag the tab off of the tab bar and drop it onto another tab to form your tab group.

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