[Resolved] Snapshot 1.6.682.3 breaks my install

  • Vivaldi fails to start after update. Uninstalling and installing 1.5.676.6 works fine.

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    @andrew.peters88 - Tell us something about your hardware and OS.

  • @Ayespy

    Surface Pro 4 i5 Windows 10

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    @andrew.peters88 - Probably something with the intake of Chromium 55 and the Surface hardware, then. Please report a bug https://www.vivaldi.com/bugreport .

  • Win 7 Home x64 ASUS laptop Intel I7 8GB

  • @Ayespy I tried the chrome beta which uses Chromium 55 and that appears to work fine.

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    @andrew.peters88 - still, file a bug report. Vivaldi has to make some ("minor") changes to each new Chromium version to intake it, PLUS, there are more changes still created by adding the Vivaldi UI layer, which is in no way similar to the Chromium UI. So you can't really compare the two. The Vivaldi developers have to know what happened in your case, so that they can allow for the Surface hardware.

    One other thing: do you use any extensions? This can be an important factor.

  • I have the same issue after the update to Snapshot 1.6.682.3

    My specs

    • Windows 10 x64
    • i7 4770k
    • 16gb ram
    • GTX 780

    I'm not using a Surface.

    I've had to reinstall version 1.5 and that that works fine.

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    Do either of you use any extensions?

    Have either of you tried the 1.6 snapshot with a clean profile?

  • @Ayespy I reported the bug. I do use ~6 or 7 extensions and haven't tried 1.6 without them enabled. When I get around to it I'll give it a shot.

  • I have the same issue after the update to Snapshot 1.6.682.3

    My specs:
    Windows 10 x64
    i5 6600K
    16GB RAM

  • @Ayespy As you suggested, I uninstalled all my extensions and tried to install the Snapshot again, but same issue. Vivaldi doesn't launch.

    I then deleted the User Data\Default folder and installed the Snapshot again, and this time it worked, but obviously all my settings are gone so that's not ideal. (I have the profile backed up and can use it in 1.5)

    Anything else I can try to get my profile into the new snapshot?

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    Do you run extensions?

    Have to tried a clean profile?

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    @Jenoki - Simply copy your critical data from your old profile to the new one (login data, bookmarks, favicons, history, session data, etc.) and re-do your theme, visual settings and extensions.

    SOMETHING in that profile folder is incompatible with 1.6, so this is probably the only way to safely get changed over without data loss. In my case, I updated without incident - so as it's something unique to your profile, it will be difficult for the developers to address.

  • @Ayespy Thanks, I went ahead and copied those over and it works now.
    Shame I lost my custom themes though! Not sure which file they are stored in. Ah well, I can recreate them!

    Thanks again!

  • I'm not sure if it's of any use, but after messing around with the files inside the 'User Data' folder, I found that the cause of the issue for me were the both the files 'Secure Preferences' and 'Preferences' in Vivaldi\User Data\Default.

    After deleting both of them, Vivaldi starts normally albeit without extensions and etc. For now I guess I'll just go back to 1.5.676.6 and skip this update, hopefully the next one will work fine.

  • Any new update won't fix your user profiles, they would only let them be evident. Better fix your profile and then install over the latest snapshot

  • @CassetteTape What is lost from your settings when you delete those files? Extensions sure, but what else?

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    Breaks for me as well on my work pc Windows 7 Pro x64 and my home PC Windows 10 x64.

    Both are based on the same profile. Extensions are:

    Lastpass, xmarks, reddit shine, https everywhere, imagus, I don't care about cookies.

    I just noticed I still had chromium smooth wheel scroller which I just removed.

  • @Ayespy Removing all extensions still results in a broken install. A clean profile works though.

    Just confirming that this works for me too. Though I can't find any settings that were changed except extensions.

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