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  • The first time I use Vivaldi (latest release), it seems to take a significant time before it will be there ready to go. Similar if I click on a link in another app (Vivaldi is my default browser) - takes forever (5-10 seconds) before it starts to open the web page.

    Is there anything I can do to speed this up? I'm running it on decent powerful machines.


  • The same thing is happening to me. Vivaldi has gotten slower and slower over the last few snapshot releases. I couldn't say for how many. I cleared out the profile, and while there was a little improvement, nothing really happened.

    This morning I just blew away the install and did two new tests. One on the external disk I keep most of work on, and another on the local C drive.

    Both systems took over 15 seconds to load. Both systems pause for 5-10 seconds before loading pages. I've installed no extensions on either. Just the latest snapshot.

    AV is Avast.


  • I'm glad its not just me.

    Apart from that issue, Vivaldi is fast becoming my favourite browser.


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    My cold start load for Vivaldi is 4-5 sec. My page load is without delay. Maybe the AV is mucking things up.

    What sorts of systems are you using?

  • I'm on Windows 10, who knows what update.
    Dell Inspiron, 8G ram, standard video. Nothing fancy, but a decent machine.
    Vivaldi on Windows is the only version with a problem. Have Vivaldi on my Mac and on some Linux machines. Works fine. It's just the Windows versions. Happens on the laptop and on a Dell desktop. Dell does seem to be the common denominator for me though.

    Page loads are the odd one. There's a noticeable delay before the address bar turns into a shadow and the "loading x of y" stuff starts to appear.

    I wish I could remember when it started, but I figured I was on a the snapshot release and something happened, and it would clear up on the next version. It's probably been about 2-3 months though, so I'll guess the 1.4 releases.

    I could try disabling the AV, but it doesn't seem to cause problems with anything else. At various times, for various reasons, I'll load IE, Firefox standard, Firefox ESR, Firefox Developer and Iron. They all run normally. It's just Vivaldi.

    I'm sure it's some real edge case thing, like the display driver is conflicting with the network card and vivaldi is getting into some graphics loop or something really odd. It's just strange that most people don't see it, and only a few of us do.

    I've got a VM somewhere with Win7 and Win10. Let me find those and load Vivaldi on there to eliminate some of the "Dellness" and see if that makes a difference. It'll probably take me a few days for that though.

    But, part of running on snapshot it to help find these things, so I'll try any suggestion and send any logs the devs might want to see.


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    @AllisonQ - Many AVs don't white-list Vivaldi because they don't know it exists, and so they put their fingers into every operation it executes, inspecting files, etc. before letting go. An AV being good with other apps is no indicator of what it's doing with the very foreign and suspicious Vivaldi. I don't use 3P security software, and so my system and apps run at their best under all conditions. (haven't had an infection or breach in about 15 years, due to sound practices)


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