Web Panel Usablilty

  • Hi,

    New to the forum here. I have been using vivaldi since early last year for casual use since it would make me fully reinstall everytime an update came out but now I am starting to use it full time. Anyways I love the web panel feature. I use it all the time. I have various web panels for sites I use often. For instance when looking at other sites like a web panel for wiki so when I am reading something and need other info on it I can very quickly familiarize myself with the info I need; kind of like a quicker bookmark for a page I only need limited access to. Or if I am doing some work and need a quick instructional video I can open youtube in it and watch a quick video while still looking at the site I need without opening a new tab, tab stacking, and split viewing it; or opening a new instance then dragging that instance to half screen and clicking on the other instance to snap it.

    This has lead me to a problem all the panel buttons have the same size they take up when open and by that I mean once you set the size of the panel when open it sets the size for all panels but not all panels need the same size. So if it could be put that each panel buttons open size was able to be set individually then it would be amazing! Of course this should be as a toggle button in preferences so that if one wants to keep the panels open size synced they can still do so.

    So that's my desire for improving the usability of the panel buttons. If you use the panel a different way talk about hoe you use it and why. Then if any improvements to the mechanics of it would aid in that use talk about those.

    Happy to have joined this community finally and have a great day!

    Edit: also what about making the web panel able to have buttons that were overlaid on the web page rather then making the web page smaller and they were adjustable vertically. That would be convinient for say having a unit converter open that doesn't need the vertical real estate.

  • @clopoptis You can already do this. If you have a webpanel you want to be wider/narrower than the standard panel just right click on its icon and check "separate width".


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