Downloading iTunes with Vivaldi

  • I think this may be a recent thing... or perhaps I've never tried to do it before?

    It seems as if Vivaldi somehow cancels the download when the redirect occurs. I'm trying to download the 64-bit version of iTunes on Windows 10. Does it work for anyone else?

    When I use Chrome it works fine so it isn't a problem with the Apple site itself.


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    Confirmed on Windows 10.
    I will look for a bugreport.

    Reported as VB-23672 "Download of iTunes fails"

  • Just for completeness, it works if you choose "save as"

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    Works today without problems in 1.5 Stable.

  • Oh indeed it works, I'm already using today's snapshot 1.6.682.3 btw 🙂

  • Reporting that I had this problem this morning downloading the new iTunes version.

    • It did not matter whether I selected 'Save' or 'Save as'.
    • On the Apple webpage, I unticked the two options, and filled in 'Australia'.
    • The attempts failed when Vivaldi was running inside a Sandboxie sandbox, and also when it was running outside any sandbox.
    • Other Vivaldi downloads proceeded normally.
    • I could download iTunes normally with Firefox.
    • I'm new to Vivaldi this week, so this was my first attempt to download iTunes.
      Version: 1.10.867.48 (64-bit)
      Platform: Windows 10 Pro 1703, Build 15063.483, on 64-bit desktop, with ESET Smart Security 9

  • PROGRESS: I have just increased my RAM from 8GB to 16 GB, and I can now successfully download iTunes from the Apple webpage above. Both "Save" and "Save as" work.

    Cause and effect? I'll leave that question to the techies --- I'm just reporting what happened --- but I have been watching Vivaldi's memory use with some concern. I will now uninstall 64-bit Vivaldi and install 32-bit Vivaldi instead, as recommended.


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