F11 no tabs pet peeve

  • I dunno if I should make this a feature request or just bitch about it here. But with Firefox
    fullscreen (F11) you need only touch the top of screen with the cursor and the tabs appear.
    How do you show the tabs in F11 mode Vivaldi??? is there an extension? Otherwise I like Vivaldi
    and am using it by default. I see Opera, Firefox and Chromium in it. I think Firefox has historically
    has been the most user friendly browser and visually pleasing. Chrome and Chromium are far too
    bubblegummy and geared for smart phones.
    anyways F11 no tabs available..........

    Arch linux variant--- latest Vivaldi build x86_64

  • Moderator

    @squiggy - Alt+W.

  • @Ayespy ThanX for reply and yeah Alt-W does bring up the window dialog. But its ugly.
    I now know it needs to be a feature request. ThanX

  • Moderator

    Request posted as VB-23670 "Show tab bar with mouseover on top of screen in fullscreen" in Vivaldi bugtracker.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @squiggy You can also scroll through your tabs in the quick command dialog by pressing F2 when in full screen mode

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