Ctrl + Click navigation arrow to open in new tab

  • In Chrome I can Ctrl + left click on the back or forward arrows or right click the arrow and ctrl + left click and it opens any of the links in drop down history arrows on navigation bar in a new tab and I see its not possible here or do I need to enable it or what ?

    I did find a workaround by cloning tab but that is not reliable and sometimes refuses to clone the tab.

    Glad you all fixed the dragging tabs is now possible but still slow, laggy and sluggish, actually crushed during me typing this comment.
    Btw Free Download Manager extension doesn't work on the browser, can you enable the option of using other download programs or give me an option of for example saving all jpg, gif, png to Picture automatically and exe and msi under Software because your download manager isnt bad itself but I like options.

    All in all I can see Opera's infuences on here, the add great features (that are already available on CHrome store) and some new exciting design and features as standard but I honestly fail to see the whole for power users part because allot of things are limited right off the box but please dont forget about allowing more customization like options to edit the context menu and important fixes to search suggestions etc etc.. but luckily I have found a workaround to everything I think is missing or lacking at the moment and I am willing to ditch chrome and firefox because I do believe this browser could be something great given the chance and time with enough feedback and responsive and creative development team.

    Its only v1 and its looking good cant wait to see how it will be v2 and up.

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    Search the Feature Requests thread. It's surely there already.


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