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  • hi, is it possible to have my bookmarks in the bookmarks bar to be centered and have a close gap between them. as it is they are left aligned , i dont use any icons just text. i want to make their footprint as small as possible.

    also is it possible in the bookmarks sidebar to have no icons , i just want text. as it stands each bookmark has a 'note icon' which is fine but when you goto website it is replaced with the icon for that site which makes the whole thing really messy.


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    You can't center your bookmarks at this time. You can go under the Bookmarks category in Settings, however, and set the bookmarks bar to display text only.

  • @Ayespy thanks for the reply about centering of bookmarks. as for the icons ,it was for the sidebar not the bookmarks bar

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    @bobwal - You should put in your request on the page. There is no provision for it at present.

  • @Ayespy thank you, will do

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