I can't do "Unpin Tab" by keyboard-shortcut!

  • I use Vivaldi Snapshot 1.5.676.6 on macOS Sierra 10.12.1. I can't do "Unpin Tab" by keyboard-shortcut. I could do it by keyboard-shortcut of previous version (1.5.658.42). Incidentally, I can do "Pin Tab" by keyboard-shortcut of latest version (1.5.676.6).

  • @kyu3a Yeah, unpin tab has no shortcut. And I don't quite understand it, since it could just be the same shortcut. If you use it on an unpinned tab it pins, if you use it on a pinned tab it unpins. But it doesn't work this way. Maybe because you can use it on a selection of tabs... but yeah, there should be one.

  • This keyboard-shortcut (name "Pin tab") is able to toggle between pin and unpin. Like this video↓


    I set "Option + Shift + A" to this keyboard-shortcut. On this video, I used Vivaldi Stable 1.5.658.44.

    But on Vivaldi Snapshot 1.5.676.6, I couldn't toggle between pin and unpin. I could changed normal tab to pin tab. But I couldn't change pin to unpin. So, I think this is bug of Snapshot 1.5.676.6.

  • I confirmed this issue happened on Vivaldi Stable 1.6.689.34. I hope this issue will be fixed soon! Because I often use this keyboard-shortcut. :dizzy_face:

  • I sent the bug report about this issue. The number is "VB-24177".

  • Moderator

    The bug is confirmed. Wait until next Snapshot, it may have it fixed.

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