Feature request: Fold or split view of webpage

  • The ability to 'fold' the page. Sometimes I want to look at the top and bottom of a long web page
    at the same time. To be able to 'fold' or 'split' the page however you want to describe it would be great A bit like the way spreadsheets do it so you can see rows 0_1480411870146_like_this.png



  • Moderator

    A split view of long pages would be a nice feature.
    Please report your request at https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

    PS: as a Mod i changed the title of your post for others

  • Moderator

    I have a custom button that uses javascript to do this in Opera 12.17. It's pretty useful:

    • Click once to tile horizontally (the split is moveable)
    • Click again to tile vertically
    • Long Click to reload the page and remove the split

    However, there's a decent workaround for this while we're waiting for the feature request to be implemented;

    • Clone the tab
    • Select both tabs
    • Tile the tabs (the split is not resizable, that feature request is already on the list)

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