New window size inconsistency

  • Hi,

    When a vivaldi window is already opened, the behavior with a new window is inconsistent :

    • When opening the new window from the menus in the opened window, the new window has the same size as the previously opened (source) one. This is the correct behavior.
    • When opening the new window from a right-click in the task bar, then open new window (or private window), it has another size, probably a built-in default size. This looks incorrect to me, should have the same size as the opened window too.

    While I agree that, if one had multiple windows open, Vivaldi may not be able to determine which window to use as a reference (maybe the one that has focus / the one that last had focus, if none currently has it ?), this behavior is annoying, as the user has to resize the window manually each time.

    OS : Windows 10 x64
    Vivaldi : 1.5 stable (64-bit)

    Is this intended / known bug / does it need report ?
    Thanks !

  • Just a note to add that it still exists in the latest snapshot (1.5.676.6)

    Submitted bug report as VB-23639.

  • It works better in 1.8.770.54, but it doesn't always keep the Maximized/Restored status for the new window.

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