Why is vivaldi using 3GB to move bookmarks or delete the trash?

  • Cleaned up my bookmarks..
    simply to move 120 Bookmarks to another folder it took 3GB Memory 30-40secs and after that all vivaldi Windows disappeared for over a minute, and reapeared again.
    the same happened when i deleted the Trash which had arround 400 Bookmarks.

    even moving sub 10 Bookmarks to another folder takes WAY to long a few second every time

    Thats pretty BAD for a quad core i5 at 4ghz and 16gb Ram

  • Hey!

    Total Disclaimer: I have not experienced this problem yet simply because I can't even compete with the amount of bookmarks you have. ha.

    But out of curiosity...
    What is your specs. as in OS / HDD types and model of PC (custom vs name brand)?
    What version are you running on with Vivaldi (latest or older)?

    From what you said it sounds like a pretty big memory leak but from a hardware bottle neck or from the software itself is the real question...

    I could try to mimic your computer setup and see. My specs might be slightly more powerful than yours but I think I could match up with what you have at least close enough to try to replicate!

  • Hi rez

    its an Intel i5 at around 4.2ghz, 16gb ram, an fast ssd and windows10,
    i run the actual vivaldi beta x64
    so hardware is shure not the issue.

    dont think its a leak because it uses quite a lot of ram and after its done it frees that again, seems ok on that front. BUT it is slow even with below 10 bookmarks, as soon as you go to the hundreds its getting REALY slow, can take minutes. and as said even the vivaldi windows disapear sometimes. its quite annoying

    at the moment i have arround 5k bookmarks in vivaldi and arround 30k-50k waiting to be imported from firefox and chrome ;)

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